How does it work?

Flexible Jobs offers students the opportunity to shape their education and career during a technical internship. As an intermediary in construction and technology, we see it as our social duty to assist students in finding a suitable (graduation) internship. We do this by bringing students and companies into contact with each other for an internship free of charge.


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    Our Executive Search solution is a highly targeted service that is most effective in circumstances where confidentiality is a complete prerequisite, the placement is an urgent priority.

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    And because we understand the importance of staying connected, flexible jobs enables people to reach employers directly.

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    Thousands of job seekers rely on our services to secure high paying jobs with flexible working hours and also jobs overseas and fast visa approvals.

An internship as a flying start for your career

When you have just left school as a student and are looking for a job, employers often look at the experience you have gained during your internship. As a result, the internship you do has a major influence on the direction of your future career.

Make a good choice, you would say. However, in practice it appears that it is not always easy to find a technical internship that matches your education and interests. That is why we work together with various schools and organizations and we facilitate the process of finding internships in the technical sector and making them findable.


Are you currently doing a technical course and are you looking for an internship or graduation internship? Then respond to an available internship or graduation internship via the application button at the bottom of the vacancy, possibly supplemented with a motivation. In the “Motivation” field, clearly state the date and for how many days per week you are looking for an internship and what your motivation is for the internship.

As soon as we receive your application, we will put you in touch with the relevant organization and who knows, you may soon start your first step in your technical career!

For whom?

Are you an MBO, HBO or WO student with a technical education? And do you want to use your talent, knowledge and passion for your field by doing a (graduation) internship at an interesting organization?

We are looking for technical students who are working on a course such as construction, technical business administration or engineering. Do you want to gain practical experience at a technical organization or do innovative research within the technical fields in which we are active? Then take a look at our vacancies!

Free career advice after graduation internship

As a bonus, we offer all graduates a free and non-binding career advice consultation after their internship. We take a closer look at your competences, the subjects and activities that appeal to you, your long- and short-term wishes and what suits you as a person.

We combine this information with our extensive substantive knowledge of the various industries so that we can give you honest advice about your options in the current labor market. Of course we are also happy to help you find your first real job.