4 X How to recognize a less good secondment agency

When one of us introduces Flexible Jobs somewhere as a secondment agency, we are often looked at with skepticism. This is partly due to the bad reputation that recruiters and secondment companies currently have. There is a great need for good employees and companies use as many resources as possible to attract the right people. Also the less good desks.

In this article we tell you what you should pay attention to when you work with a secondment agency and how you can recognize the less good agencies. This way you know exactly what to look out for if you want to work on a secondment basis .

Not specialized in any industry or sector

Actually, this should already be the first signal that you have not gone into business with the right party. A secondment agency, and specifically the consultants within that agency, must rely on a network. You cannot build a network in secondment if you serve different branches. Or as a secondment agency you have to be so large that you can serve multiple sectors at the same time.

So take a good look at which region and which sector you want to work in and then look for a suitable agency. Don’t miss the smaller desks. They often have a personal approach, they really listen to your wishes and they have a good network of interesting clients. This way you know for sure that you will end up in a place where your qualities are appreciated and the travel distance is less.

No (real) knowledge of the market, of the client and of the candidate

When you have a first meeting with an advisor from a less good secondment agency, chances are that he or she does not know exactly what is going on at the moment. Certainly in the technical sector there is always a lot going on and a good secondment company knows exactly what developments there are. Which clients are currently working on certain projects and which skills are required.

A good secondment agency has a great deal of in-house knowledge of the sector, the labor market and current developments. In addition, it is normal for you as a candidate to first discuss what you want and what you can do with the consultant of the relevant agency. The consultants within these agencies combine their knowledge of the market and the client with your wishes and requirements. In this way they can actually give you advice and guide you in finding a new job.

Recruiter shows no interest

This is probably recognizable to everyone to a greater or lesser extent. You get a call from a recruiter from a secondment agency with a standard story. You then receive a standard email and later find out that the recruiter has sent your CV to 40 parties without looking at, for example, travel distance, type of organization or – not entirely unimportant – your wishes.

Unfortunately, situations like this happen (too) often. Recruiters and consultants from less suitable agencies are mainly concerned with achieving as many targets as possible, for example by proposing as many candidates as possible. As a result, they do not look at the candidate, i.e. at you. There is no interest in your wishes and it is not checked whether there is a match with one of the clients at all.

When you are in contact with a good secondment agency, there is much more consideration for who you are and what you are looking for. Based on this, it is checked whether there is an organization within the network with an open vacancy that meets your requirements. In this way, the chance of a successful match is much greater and it is a win-win situation for all parties.

Unclear, not fair, not transparent

Vague emails, contracts or unclear agreements? Often things don’t go quite right. Sometimes it turns out that your CV has been submitted to different parties, without you being informed.

A good secondment will never put your CV anywhere without permission and will always discuss all options with you first. You then determine which functions and clients seem interesting and from there the consultant will introduce you to the chosen clients. This way you always know where you have been introduced and what to expect.

It is therefore important that you always make agreements about sharing your data and CV. If you don’t know exactly how, what and where from your secondment company, then it’s time to wave them goodbye.

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