3 Challenges for tech starters

Hey starter. How are you getting your first job? Is it working or can you no longer see the wood for the trees? The current job market is currently heated and the battle for you is fierce. Because of this, finding the best job for you can sometimes be quite difficult.
In this article we give you some tips, so that you can go through your application process as easily as possible and ultimately make the right choice.

Choice stress

It will probably not have escaped your notice, but there are quite a few jobs available at the moment. On average, there are 133 vacancies available for every 100 job seekers. So if you feel like you’re being overloaded with choices, you may be right. Everyone wants you!

Nice, but it can also cause choice stress. Chances are that you still have no idea what exactly you want and which directions you can take with your education. When there are dozens of different companies and recruiters around you, it can be quite difficult to make the right choice.

So determine in advance what you consider important when you start working for an employer. For example, do you value a good induction process, partial working from home or flexible working hours? Then it is good to select companies on this basis and to raise this during job interviews. For example, a number of companies are automatically dropped and you may be able to limit your choice to two or three organizations that you really feel good about.

Easy to influence

High salaries, fun outings, ping pong tables, company car. You can’t think of it that way or companies offer it to have that edge. This is how they try to convince you in these scarce times that you should work for them. They really need you and will do anything to get you in.

While many of these things can be tempting, it’s important to look at the big picture. Is the company interesting to work for? Can you grow and does the atmosphere of the organization suit you as a person? Ultimately, a company car is very nice, but if you don’t fit in with the team or the atmosphere is not good, you can still be very unhappy at work. So don’t let yourself be influenced too quickly by sweet talk and offers, but take a critical look at what they really offer you.

High bar

In today’s society, success has become a measure of happiness. Sounds a bit old-fashioned, but it seems like everyone wants to start as high as possible right away. We understand this, but it’s not always the best step at the start of your career.

Sometimes a position that may be lower than you had hoped can turn out to be very interesting because of, for example, good career opportunities. Or is a position under the care of an experienced manager a much better springboard than a higher position where you still have to discover everything yourself.

Our advice is therefore not to let yourself be influenced too much by people in your area with ‘the perfect job’. It’s good to start your career
Choose a job that suits you, even if that means you don’t immediately have hope on the ladder. Don’t set the bar too high for yourself.

Despite the tips, do you still find it difficult to make the right choice or are you overwhelmed by all those recruiters, organizations and options? It may then be useful to enlist outside help.

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